“The Real Hero, Bharat Ratna” – He has walked 10,000 KMs from “Gram Vikas”

This person is on a mission. He wants to visit all the villages of India and he started on foot.

He has till now coverted 10,000 KMs and still going.
He is not giving any sound bytes to media. He doesn’t have any hidden agenda or selfish motives.
He is not walking to ask for votes or alms.
He is walking for the cause of “Gram Vikas”.
He should be given “Bharat Ratna“, indeed he is the real “Bharat Ratna”!!
And our media just neglects these kind of “Real Heroes”!!

Bharat Parikrama Yatra enters Bihar; Sitarama Kedilaya keen on Gram Vikas Campaign on Day 882

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Gopalanj, Bihar January 07: RSS Former functionary Sitarama Kedilaya lead Bharat Parikrama Yatra has entered Bihar, making the 13th state to reach during his mega walkahon. Aiming Grama Vikas or Upliftment of Rural Indian life, Sitarama Kedilaya lead Bharat Parikrama Yatra has counted its 882th day today.
The Bharat Parikrama Yatra had entered Bihar on December 31, 2014 through Gopal Ganj district which is mostly a plain and fertile land. In the district’s western part, the Gandaki river flows southwards, Gopalganj is in the northwest of Bihar state and is adjacent to Uttar Pradesh.
150 days in Uttara Pradesh:
Bharat Parikrama Yatra had entered Uttara Pradesh on August 02, 2014  visited several places of historical significance including Ayodhya, Chitrakoot, Prayag, Kashi and other places. Yatra had spend nearly 150 days. When he was near Goraksha Pranth, Kedilaya visited Nepal for 2-days. On December 26, on its 870th day, Bharata Parikrama Yatra reached Kushinagar, the place of Mahanirvaan of Goutham Buddha, in Kushinagar district. 
67 year old Sitarama Kedilaya looks more energetic than ever, who completed this 10,250 km of walkathon.
IMG-20150107-WA0106 IMG-20150107-WA0107
IMG-20150106-WA0143 IMG-20150107-WA0111 IMG-20150107-WA0117 IMG-20150107-WA0121 IMG-20150107-WA0132 IMG-20150107-WA0146
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The Civilization of the Invisible River

The Civilization of the Invisible River.

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5 things YOU MUST KNOW about the "End of the world in 2012"!

While the “end of the Maya calendar” debate is the starting point for most 2012 discussions, several other astronomical “events” have been drawn into the mix. 5 of the most important points have been listed below, followed by a straightforward discussion of whether they are true or not.

1. The Maya Calendar is “Ending”

FALSE. The Maya calendar is not spooling up the thread of time. It is coming to the end of a particular cycle in an unending sequence of cycles. According to the rules of the Maya calendar system, a primary interval, Baktun 13, for all practical purposes ends on the winter solstice, 2012. Although pseudoscientific claims have linked this calendrical curiosity to a Maya prophecy of the end of time, there is no evidence for ancient Maya belief in the world’s end in 2012 or even in any unusual significance to the cycle’s completion. 

The Maya calendar relied on multiple cycles of time. In Maya tradition, these cycles of time run far into the future, and there are ancient Maya hieroglyphic inscriptions that project time into the future well beyond 21 December 2012. At the end of Baktun 13 (a period of 144,000 days or 394 years), a new baktun will begin. There is no Baktun-13 end of time. The notion of a Baktun-13 transformational end of time is modern. It originated in Mexico Mystique, a book published in 1975 by an American writer, Frank Waters, who made computational errors.

2. We Are Emerging from a Galactic “Beam”

FALSE. In 1987, the notion of the Maya forecast of the end times was linked to a “beam” from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The writer who introduced this galactic element also promoted it through 1987’s Harmonic Convergence. According to him, we emerge from the beam on winter solstice, 2012 because that’s when the Maya calendar “ends.” In reality, there is no galactic beam either observed or predicted). There is no astronomical or observational fact here, just assertion.

3. The Sun’s Pathway Through the Milky Way Is Somehow Related.

FALSE. Others have also noted the gradual precessional shift of the Sun’s position at winter solstice across the Milky Way. They have claimed the winter solstice Sun will coincide with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2012. In fact, the winter solstice Sun does not get closer than 3 degrees to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is equal to six full moons, a very large discrepancy, even for the unaided eye. And the winter solstice Sun is actually closer to the center of Galaxy 200 years after 2012. Even a superficial glance at a typical celestial atlas verifies the current configuration. This is not true. The winter solstice Sun never coincides with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. There is no “galactic alignment” on winter solstice, 2012. There is no meaningful midpoint across the Milky Way. A midpoint for the winter solstice sun’s precessional passage across the Milky Way cannot be defined to a century, let alone a single day (and certainly not to 21 December 2012).

4. A Planetary Alignment Will Destroy the Earth.

FALSE. Some have claimed an alignment of planets occurs on winter solstice, 2012, and will cause a catastrophic reversal of the earth’s magnetic field. There is no such planetary alignment on winter solstice, 2012, and even if all the planets did align in this fashion, it would not cause such a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field. There have been numerous planetary alignments and they have had no effect on the Earth.

Solar System

5. The Mysterious Planet Niburu Is Headed Our Way.

FALSE. Conspiracy fatalists are convinced that the imaginary planet Niburu is out there and headed our way. According to this bizarre scenario, NASA, the astronomical community, and presumably everyone else “in the know” (except, of course, the ancient Maya calendar keepers) allegedly have observed the approach of the planet, placed an embargo on this knowledge, and are deliberately misleading the public. Proponents of this view imagine that all of the Earth’s hundreds of thousands of private and public telescopes are linked together in one giant, coordinated effort to mislead the public regarding the existence of this upcoming disaster, though it is not clear why they would do so if the world was going to end anyway. Of course, there is no Niburu on a collision course with Earth for winter solstice, 2012, or for any other date. There is absolutely no evidence of the existence of such a planet at all. The claims about Niburu are like those for the discredited “Planet X” hoax from 2003-04.
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Govt doesn’t have money for LPG subsidy – But it has 10 Billion US Dollars to give as donation to Eurozone!!

Shocking : India announces $10 billion for debt-wracked Eurozone
June 21, 2012    

Shocking decision taken by Indian Government ! Are all problems in India like poverty, inflation, malnutrition, power shortage solved ? Today crores of Indians can’t even get a daily square meal and still Indian Govt. is wasting money to keep its hollow ‘Superpower’ image intact ! O Indians, now we all should unite and agitate lawfully to force Indian Govt. to revoke donating funds to IMF !

LOS CABOS : India today announced a $10 billion contribution to the IMF’s additional $430 billion financial firewall to help the debt-wracked 17-nation Eurozone so that the faltering world economy is protected against the spread of any financial contagion.

The announcement of the contribution was made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in his address at the Plenary Session of the seventh summit of the Group of developed and developing countries (G20) in this Mexican resort town against the backdrop of growing calls to nations to increase contributions to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the bailout fund.

India’s contribution along with pledges by other member countries of the five-nation BRICS bloc has helped increase IMF’s resources and give a boost to the $430 billion fund being used as a firewall to support struggling Eurozone economies.

“The IMF has a critical supportive role to play in stabilising the Eurozone. All members must help the Fund to play this role, I am happy to announce that India has decided to contribute $10 billion to the IMF’s additional firewall of $430 billion,” he told the world leaders at the seventh summit of the grouping which accounts for 80% the world’s GDP.

India has previously pledged to make contributions to the bailout fund but did not disclose the exact amount of its contribution to the fund.

According to Chinese vice finance minister Zhu Guangyo, the BRICS is committed to pledge $60 billion to boost the firewall. Besides India and China, the other countries in the bloc are Brazil, Russia and South Africa.

The IMF fund will serve to help governments that are struggling to cope with debt repayments but Eurozone leaders still faced pressure from their G20 peers to make reforms to head off future financial crisis.

Calls were being made to the Eurozone to put in place a bigger financial firewall to combat the crisis before other countries will pour more cash into the IMF.

Noting that developed countries have expanded the resources of the IMF enormously, largely to support programmes in rich countries, Singh said that steps are now needed to be taken to substantially expand the resource base of multilateral development banks so that they have the firepower to help developing countries pursue their development goals. 

Source : TOI
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Pictures of Sandy Storm smashing US!

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Researchers Hack Electronic Voting Machine for $26

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2011/09/30/researchers-hack-voting-machine-for-26/#ixzz2AGRZjKVw

Campaigning for the 2012 presidential race has already begun, but what
the candidates don’t know is that come election day, hackers could be the ones
whose votes have the biggest impact.
Researchers from the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois have
developed a hack that, for about $26 and an 8th-grade science education, can
remotely manipulate the electronic voting machines used by millions of voters
all across the U.S.
The researchers, Salon reported

performed their proof-of-concept hack on a Diebold Accuvote TS electronic voting
machine, a type of touchscreen Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting system
that is widely used for government elections.

(Diebold’s voting-machine business is now owned by the Denver-based
Dominion Voting Systems, whose e-voting machines are used in about 22 states.)
In a video, Roger Johnston and Jon Warner from Argonne National
Laboratory’s Vulnerability Assessment Team demonstrate three different ways an
attacker could tamper with, and remotely take full control, of the e-voting
machine simply by attaching what they call a piece of “alien
electronics” into the machine’s circuit board.
The electronic hacking tool consists of a $1.29 microprocessor and a
circuit board that costs about $8. Together with the $15 remote control, which
enabled the researchers to modify votes from up to a half-mile away

the whole hack runs about $26.

Two of the takeovers show the researchers controlling the buttons on the
keypad despite what the “real” voter enters. But in what Warner
called “probably the most relevant attack for vote tampering,” the
researchers were able to blank the e-voting machine’s screen for a split-second
after the “vote now” button was pressed. While the screen went dark,
they remotely entered their own numbers into the DRE’s keypad.
Johnston explained in the video: “When the voter hits the ‘vote
now’ button to register his votes, we can blank the screen and then go back and
vote differently and the voter will be unaware that this has happened.”
Johnston and Warner say that the ease with which this type of remote
hack could be deployed highlights the need for e-voting machines to be designed
better, with not just cybersecurity, but physical security in mind.
“Spend an extra four bucks and get a better lock

Johnston said. “You don’t have to have state-of-the-art security, but you
can do some things were it takes at least a little bit of skill to get

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World’s Simplest Management Secret!!

Source: http://www.inc.com/geoffrey-james/worlds-simplest-management-secret.html

Management books have it all wrong. They all try to tell you how to manage “people.”
It’s impossible to manage “people”; it’s only possible to manage individuals. And because individuals differ from one another, what works with one individual may not work with somebody else.
Some individuals thrive on public praise; others feel uncomfortable when singled out.
Some individuals are all about the money; others thrive on challenging assignments.
Some individuals need mentoring; others find advice to be grating.
The trick is to manage individuals the way that THEY want to be managed, rather than the way that YOU’d prefer to be managed.
The only way to do this is to ASK.
In your first (or next) meeting with each direct report ask:
  • How do you prefer to be managed?
  • What can I do to help you excel?
  • What types of management annoy you?
Listen (really listen) to the response and then, as far as you are able, adapt your coaching, motivation, compensation, and so forth to match that individual’s needs.
BTW, a savvy employee won’t wait for you to ask; he or she will tell you outright what works. When this happens, you’re crazy not to take that employee’s advice!
Unfortunately, most individuals aren’t that bold, which is why it’s up to you to find out how to get the best out of them.
And you’ll never get that out of a management book.
There is no one-size-fits-all in a world where everyone is unique.
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Britain: longest double-dip recession since World War II

Source: Equity Master

Britain is smack in the middle of the longest double-dip recession since World War II. Official records show that the country ran up its largest current account deficit on record in the second quarter of 2012. The deficit was a whopping GBP 20.8 bn. This includes UK’s trade balance and a shortfall on overseas investments. The country’s citizens are facing tough times. Household spending was down 0.2% over the quarter. The largest declines were in restaurants and hotels, tobacco, and food and drink, as families cut back. However, one positive was that business investment rose 0.9% over the quarter. Overall, the economy contracted by 0.4% during the quarter, slightly less than the previous 0.5% estimate. The economy is still stagnating, and generating employment is the only way to lift economic sentiment. But this is much easier said than done. 

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While Americans want "Walmart" to be thrown out, we are welcoming the same "Walmart"!!

“Walmart = Poverty”

In the largest-ever protest against Walmart in U.S. history, thousands in Los Angeles demanded the world’s largest private employer start respecting its workers and communities or stay out of L.A. Union workers from across the L.A. labor movement marched alongside Walmart and warehouse workers, Chinatown residents, community and civil rights groups, faith leaders, and our sisters and brothers from the San Diego, Orange, South Bay and San Francisco labor councils who came on buses to stand up to Walmart and stop the “Walmartization” of L.A. jobs.

Two Massachusetts Towns “Say No to Walmart”!!

Last month Walmart pulled out of Somerville and Watertown, two cities outside of Boston, claiming it wasn’t economically feasible for the company to open markets in these areas. Here’s what Walmart spokesperson Steven Restivo told Boston.com: “One of the primary deciding factors on any given site – whether it’s in an urban, suburban or rural market – is that it makes sense from a business perspective and contributes to our bottom line.”

Here in India, our government is “more-than-eager” to welcome Walmart. All political parties except Congress are opposed to FDI in retail. The “Bharat Bandh” was total all over India. But, UPA govt is hell-bent on bringing the legislation. Is there a “Foreign Hand” other than the one with remote control playing here!?

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Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari

Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Kanyakumari.

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